November 5, 2019 by Teri Reindel

The newly-celebrated KonMari Method™ has people around the world organizing their living spaces to KonMari™ . What if the item that “sparks joy” is an electronic device from the other side of the world? What if that valued audio turntable that you loved in your childhood has different power requirements than where you now live, and as a result is sitting idle? What if your coveted flip clock doesn’t work overseas because it requires different a voltage and frequency standard than is available there?

Today, because of KCC Scientific frequency converters, you can take it with you! Customers from around the world are joyful because KCC Scientific 50-60Hz frequency converters have reliably solved the power equation for their treasured electronic devices.

Success stories are many! KCC Scientific customers across the globe are thrilled. For example, one customer’s beloved German electric clock from Grandma finally keeps proper time in the United States, thanks to the KCC Scientific Chronos 230. An enthusiast in Spain is enjoying his US-manufactured Panasonic flip clock, thanks to the KCC Scientific Chronos voltage and frequency converter. A customer in Kentucky was joyful to have his ceiling fan from Italy operating in his new home!

A US-manufactured model railroad train system is now joyfully operating properly in England as a result of a KCC Scientific 50-60Hz converter. A traveling athlete was able to power his US-manufactured Air Relax recovery boot using Athena as he traveled and competed throughout Europe.

These examples represent just a few items that spark joy for individuals around the world, making them feel more at home no matter where they might be. You too can be joyful that your electronic device can be operational anywhere on the globe.

When your equipment requirements do not match local mains power, KCC Scientific Converters align voltage, frequency and wattage requirements, assuring devices are operational anywhere in the world. For the world citizen, KCC Scientific offers trustworthy, high-precision, scientific-grade voltage and frequency converters. With this advanced technology, simply select the voltage and frequency (115V AC or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel to suit your electronic device requirements. In addition, KCC converters act like a mini power plant to isolate and reconstruct the power coming from the local mains power source. This ingenious offering enables KCC frequency converters to produce clean power, no matter where you are on the globe.

For those who travel, live or work worldwide or simply wish to enjoy a product meant to operate in some other part of the world, KCC Scientific Converters will spark joy and allow you to power valued electronics anywhere on the globe.

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