Technology Behind KCC Scientific Converters

KCC  Scientific Clean Power Converters work on fundamentally the same principle:

  • First,  the AC line voltage is turned into DC (Direct Current) using a safety-certified wall adapter.  This step removes any power line distortion, noise, and surges from the line.
  • Then, this DC is transformed into a brand-new, pure sine wave which is used internally to drive a special amplifier, then fed to a transformer which boosts and again isolates it from any noise, distortion, surges or other problems originally present on the power line.
  • The result:  double isolation from the original power line waveform, and a clean local AC power plant for your device.

The result is a frequency and voltage converter which  transforms the power line frequency to what you need and  regulates the voltage, providing effective isolation from any aberrations or surges present in the original power line.  This newly-created AC power line provided by our converters is very stable in both frequency and voltage.

These parameters are well-regulated enough to accurately drive timing devices, industrial electronics, lab equipment, clocks, turntables, and other frequency-sensitive devices, as well as anything else within their power ratings.  How accurate? Frequency accuracy is .0002%, and voltage stability is better than 2% maximum (typically better than 1%).  This assures stable, quiet power for your device, regardless of what’s going on at the mains power outlet.

Even if you only need voltage conversion, consider KCC Frequency Converter products to replace those bulky, heavy, noisy transformers with our super quiet units.  All KCC Frequency Converter products are designed to be comfortable and quiet anywhere from the bed stand to a high-end audio system–and beyond.