How can KCC Scientific voltage and frequency converters help you at home?

KCC Scientific converters address the power challenges for  miniature  household appliances used overseas, from clocks to medical devices to model trains. To assure operation as intended on any power grid, a combined voltage and frequency converter is the best solution. KCC converters are available at multiple wattage levels to match the needs of the appliance or system. Thor could work for model train systems under 100 watts, for example, and Chronos is ideal for clocks up to 12 watts.


As an example, model railroad train transformers designed for use in the United States typically have a 115V AC 60Hz power requirement. If the system’s train transformer is run in Europe with a step-down transformer alone (converting only voltage from 230V to 115V AC at a frequency of 50 Hz), the transformer may begin to “saturate.”  When it does, it may very seriously overheat.  It’s often recommended that the voltage into the train transformer be lowered perhaps 20% (to about 95V AC or so). This leaves insufficient power to drive the locomotive and accessories, leading to numerous malfunctions.  Using KCC Scientific converters avoids malfunctions.