KCC Scientific Voltage and Frequency Converters Power Electronics Anywhere In the World


Mercury 1000

Mercury 100 Frequency Converter Front View No Cord

KCC Scientific introduces the new Mercury 1000 for international and mobile industries and labs. The Mercury 1000 cleans power, regulates power, and converts power for use anywhere in the world.

The Mercury family (patent pending) powers precision equipment globally up to 1000 watts; and provides clean, stable isolated power.  At 30 lbs, with dimensions of 17.5 x 13 x 3.50 inches, Mercury is compact enough to be rack mounted.

The Mercury voltage and frequency  converter cleans, regulates and converts mains power, enabling your electronics to operate perfectly anywhere in the world up to 1000 watts.  A 500, 1000 watt and special Audio edition are available.

Convert both 230V 50Hz to 115V 60Hz and 115V 60Hz to 230V 50Hz. Perfect for test. 



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Professional Series

Mercury 500 Frequency Converter Front View

The KCC Scientific Professional Series is designed for industry and labs working with the international power grid. The Mercury 1000, the Mercury 500 shown above, and the 200-watt Hercules can be used to universally convert mains frequency and voltage, or to isolate and clean up local mains power line frequency and voltage instabilities.  All Mercury-branded products are manufactured in a compact envelope of 17.5″ x 12.75″ x 3.5″ with an optional rack mount available.

All KCC Scientific products are safe and gentle on the devices they power, carefully engineered with top-quality components, a fail-safe philosophy, and are well protected.

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Mercury Audio

MERCURY AUDIO hi res 300x140 1


Any audio equipment with an AC-operated synchronous motor, from turntables to tape players, will operate effectively on any power grid if supported by a KCC Scientific voltage and frequency converter. Authorities in the USA and Europe report a 0.16% to 0.4% continuous shift in power grid frequency in mains power lines, which can noticeably affect the performance of precision electronics. Many believe playback pitch is compromised by rolling and variable frequency issues.  KCC converters offer 0.0002% frequency stability (translates to platter speed stability), a factor of at least 100 times more accurate and stable than is possible plugging directly into the mains power line. 


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Household Devices and More

Thor Frequency Converter

KCC Scientific converters address the power challenges for small household appliances from clocks to medical devices to model trains.  To assure operation as intended on any power grid, a combination voltage and frequency converter is the best solution. KCC converters are available at multiple wattage levels to match the needs of the appliance or system. Thor, shown above, powers model train systems up to 100 watts, for example. Chronos is ideal for clocks and clock radios up to 12 watts.


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KCC Scientific Clean Power Converters

Only KCC Scientific offers compact, affordable, clean power and precise voltage and frequency conversion.

KCC Scientific’s philosophy is to assure that customers have a rugged and reliable power line converter for their 50Hz products in 60Hz countries, or for their 60Hz products in 50Hz countries.

Eliminate the following power quality problems: transients, sags, overvoltage, undervoltage, swell, waveform distortions, DC offsets, harmonics, interharmonics, notching, noise, voltage fluctuations, frequency variations, noisy transformers.

Compact, Precision Voltage and Frequency Converters for 50 60 Hz Power Conversion
with selectable 50-60Hz and 230-115V AC

Compare Frequency Converters and Applications

Athena Frequency Converter Front View

All KCC Voltage and Frequency converters include a compatible, universal, certified wall adapter.
Everything you need is included.

All KCC Scientific products are offered with a 2-year warranty.

The Technology Behind KCC Scientific Frequency Converters

Hercules Frequency Converter Front View

Driven by a digitally synthesized sine wave and delivered through a novel Class D power amplifier, all of our products provide clean sine wave output to assure that your device operates as it should.These products are designed for full time duty. They do not overheat and do not require any noisy fans for cooling.

All of our products utilize internal, high-quality toroidal transformers, designed to be safe and silent.

Voltage and Frequency Converter Terminology