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We periodically hear this from curious aspiring customers. How do we respond?

First, and most importantly, there are no products–and no other company– like KCC Scientific out there. No other company has the product selection with graduating price points, the precision, reliability or quality of KCC Scientific products. To view frequency and voltage converters for purchase click here: https://www.kccscientific.com/frequency-converters/

For example, if you need to power a 24V AC U-Turn turntable in Europe, you can purchase our economical Apollo, our lowest cost alternative. If you need to power a 115V or 230V AC turntable, you can purchase Chronos (or Chronos-V if you need to adjust your turntable speed) at a similar price point. For a few dollars more, you can purchase Athena, in case you have a moderate-power vintage turntable/player combo. And on it goes, with graduating price points vs. power levels.

At the top end of the spectrum (at the time of this writing, July 2021) is our Mercury 1000 for the most demanding applications. And soon, we will be introducing the Mercury Audio, with unsurpassed Mains Reconstruction, providing voltage and frequency conversion and extremely high levels of isolation from mains—the ultimate clean power converter, without any of the downsides of traditional power conditioners.

In all cases, across the product line, frequency precision is .0002%. Nowhere on the planet does there exist a power grid with that level of frequency precision and accuracy. This assures turntable speed is exact, even to the most discriminating audiophiles, regardless of what the grid is doing on the input side. Voltage accuracy is also unquestioned—better than 1% accuracy regardless of load or mains (mis)behavior.

There are numerous “competitors” to KCC Scientific products at the higher end of the product range (above 500 watts), but none offer designed-for-audio performance, isolation, or universal power like a KCC Scientific product–even if they read our posts then copy our words.  They don’t have it under the hood, regardless of what they say.  And you can’t simply change a few lines in a brochure after the fact to include audio, if the product wasn’t designed for audio from ground up—as were KCC Scientific clean power converters.

At the lower end of the spectrum, there are—well—no viable competitors. Most of the products that purport specialized uses such as powering clippers and shavers are glorified, under designed, budget import inverters with under-sized wall adapters in tow. This strategy involves under-engineering a solution and hoping for the best. The idea is to offer something super low cost and hope enough folks take the bait.  This is NOT what you want or need powering your turntable or other sensitive audio gear.

And don’t expect pure sine wave output or any kind of accuracy or precision. Unfortunately, consumers have grown accustomed to settling for products like this and accepting low performance or throwing them away when they burn up or in some other way fail, thinking this is the best available.  If you have fallen victim to any of these products, take a look at KCC Scientific products.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that someone really does care about producing high-quality, reliable conversion products.

And good luck if something goes wrong, and there is no worldwide support number to call when you need help.

You can learn more about one of our “favorite” (and very highly controversial) topics–budget import voltage converters–if you look here.

Lastly, no one offers a quality, Made in USA product with the customer support, care, and attention-to-detail we offer, and always did, from the very beginning!  To learn more about the advantages of Made in USA, consider giving this reference a look:  Made in USA

To conclude, for your most challenging (and even less challenging) applications, think KCC Scientific Voltage and Frequency Converters. You can’t buy this level of confidence, reliability and integrity anywhere else, at any price! KCC Scientific really does continue to redefine power conversion! To view frequency and voltage converters for purchase click here: https://www.kccscientific.com/frequency-converters/