Often the most powerful innovations come from personal frustration – a simple way to convert frequency at a non-astronomical price, in our case—and the creative solutions that stem from those who dedicate themselves to finding a better way. This is how we at KCC Scientific started on our personal mission to respond to numerous problems with available power converters, and to share our innovations. We’ve always had confidence that our customers would appreciate our products every bit as much as we do.

Years of passionate work have led us to a place where we can offer a broad range of products, from a frequency converter for shavers, turntables, clocks, audio players, and health care gear, to the best professional-grade power converter to meet your needs. As the requests and positive feedback from customers regarding our frequency converters have continued, so have our efforts to innovate and perfect our frequency changer technology, with a continued eye to improve and refine the products that we are so proud to produce.

A customer favorite is the Athena travel converter, simply because it is a game-changing product. Athena is as comfortable in your home as it is in the suitcase, acting as either (or both) a frequency and voltage converter. With true sine wave output, it’s just what the device you wish to power was designed to accept.   Hopefully, a mere glance at our product line and history will show you our pride and passion when it comes to frequency conversion technology that truly serves our customers. As always, we welcome your valuable questions and feedback as we continue on this exciting journey.