40 Watt Athena Voltage and Frequency Converter

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Our Athena frequency and voltage converter allows you to operate your equipment anywhere in the world. Athena is ideal for:

  • Turntables, Tape Players
  • Solid State Audio
  • Backlit Clocks
  • Clock Radios

Perfect for Small Lab Applications


…and much more.

The compact 40 watt Athena converts BOTH voltage and frequency, and includes everything you need to operate your equipment worldwide!  Please see detailed description below for the long list of turntables we have successfully powered with Athena.

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Athena is a one-of-a-kind mains power line voltage and frequency converter.  Simply select the device needs from the front panel:  115V or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz, then plug in the device. With Athena, electronics will power perfectly anywhere in the world.  It's the single, most economical improvement you can make to your audio turntable or tape deck!

For turntables, we continue to add to the list of new and vintage turntables/phonographs that Athena has powered successfully:  U-turn and accessories (all models), Philips Models 22GF245, GF819, Lenco B52, L70 and L75, Technics SL1200, Shinola Runwell, and numerous Braun models including PS 500.  The list continues to grow!  Note:  For vacuum tube based audio products consider either Thor or Hercules.

Athena has scientific grade precision perfect for small laboratory applications. For the international athlete Athena is perfect if you are a traveling athlete with Air Relax, Rapid Reboot and other compression and recovery boots. For professional stylist it  is perfect for your professional hair clippers.  To learn more about powering these items, don't forget to visit our informational post.  Athena will solidly and safely power devices up to 40 watts (50 watts for short periods) wherever your travels take you.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in
Output Voltage

Selectable 115V/230V AC

Frequency Accuracy


Frequencies Available

50Hz/60Hz Selectable

Voltage Accuracy

2% Regulated

Output Power

40W, 50W for short periods

Remote Programmability


Output Plug

Universal 115/230V AC


Clippers and Shavers, Clock Radios, Devices with 3-prong plugs, Flip Clocks, Vintage Record Players

Power Cord (this plugs into your wall)

Australia | Type I, Israel | Type H, North America | Type B, South Africa | Type M, Type F (Schuko), UK | Type G (BS1363)

1 review for 40 Watt Athena Voltage and Frequency Converter

  1. Andy Tebbe (verified owner)

    The Athena absolutely works. It does what you expect, and there are zero issues with it. It converts frequency and voltage, allowing use and testing of European and other devices here in the USA. Using it with my USA-spec Chord DAC, it provides a sense of calm, and stability. In that case I’m usually not even using its frequency conversion capability…. just enjoying the better power it provides. I haven’t compared A/B enough enough to list all of its benefits in this use, but it is clear that its performance and price are both remarkable. Well done.

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