Finally, you are an international athlete! Congratulations! Whether recreational, sub-elite or an elite athlete, balancing more factors on the international stage is a challenge. Optimizing elite performance with health management take on new challenges, including powering your recovery devices in a country outside of where you call home.  For this application, we always recommend Athena.

As one recent US customer competing in Spain commented, “I love the Athena!  My Air Relax system has been working the exact same as in the US.  I don’t even notice it!”

Without Athena, this customer (and many others) could not use Athletic Recovery equipment outside of North America, where it was designed to operate.  Whenever you are competing outside the region where your equipment was designed to operate, you could be faced with the issue of power line (mains) voltage and frequency differences rendering your recovery devices inoperable.

Most travelers know that they have to accommodate the plug styles–and voltage levels of 115V AC vs. 230V AC–for the different world standards as they travel. But that is not the end of the story! If you assume it is, it may likely be the end of your prized electrical and electronic equipment when you plug them in overseas. So, be careful!

But do we ever consider the mains power line frequency? If we don’t, we should. More and more devices require the proper frequency to operate correctly. Two very important examples are athletic recovery equipment and the salon-grade clipper. Many of our young athletes today enjoy the multiple benefits of these wonderful devices. But did you know that some of these devices absolutely won’t tolerate being powered on the incorrect mains frequency (50Hz vs. 60Hz or vice versa)? Operating on the wrong frequency can cause serious issues with our prized devices.

Thankfully, the KCC Scientific Athena can provide both the voltage AND frequency conversion you need to power your athletic recovery equipment or clippers during your travels – safely and with accuracy. Truly, no other product out there is capable of what Athena can do. This is because Athena exactly replicates the mains power your recovery pump or clipper was designed for, with an output receptacle accommodating worldwide standards. Your favorite athletic recovery boot will work exactly as it should when powered by Athena, anywhere.  Likewise your professional hair clippers will work as if you were at home.

There are some low-quality import products available for an irresistibly low price. Our measurements on these products explain clearly why they are low cost and inadequate. These budget devices do not accommodate mains safety standard certification, creating a risk of shock or fire. The budget devices we measured were operating near 70Hz instead of the 60Hz that the clipper or recovery boot pump requires to operate properly. Lastly, they produce distorted square waves instead of smooth sine waves, so your device will not operate quietly and smoothly or may even overheat and burn out.

With Athena, you are absolutely certain to notice the difference! KCC Scientific products ONLY produce clean, precise sine waves.

If you are looking for a converter to power your prized athletic recovery pump or clipper worldwide, consider Athena. She is sure to deliver on our promise that your device will operate exactly as it should, regardless of where you are on Planet Earth.