18 Watt 24 V AC Apollo Frequency Converter

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The Apollo Voltage and Frequency Converter allow you to power your U-Turn turntable anywhere in the world!

Apollo provides 24 Volt AC output. It acts as a 24V AC transformer with selectable frequency (50Hz or 60Hz), offering rock-solid stability and reduced hum.  It accepts 100-240V AC (50 or 60Hz) mains input.  Provides up to 18 watts output power.

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Apollo can be used to power 24V AC turntables such as U-Turn and Rega Planar series.  Everything is included with Apollo to power your U-Turn turntable, including the adapter cable which connects between Apollo and the  turntable!  The normally supplied cable is compatible with U-Turn.  If you wish to use Apollo with Rega, please indicate with a note at checkout.

Note:  If you need to power a U-Turn turntable AND a separate (not built-in) Pluto preamp, you should purchase Chronos to power both devices.  Read more in our blog.

We can provide a 16V AC version of Apollo for your vintage Thorens turntables as well!  Please contact us for details.

Apollo universally converts any AC voltage from 100-240V AC to 24V AC at the frequency of your choice (50Hz or 60Hz), cleanly powering any 24V AC device, anywhere in the world, regardless of local mains voltage or frequency.

The small, compact Apollo Frequency Converter takes the place of conventional 24V AC (up to) 18 watt transformers while converting to the frequency of your selection (50 or 60Hz).  Apollo can also be used to power devices such as residential sprinkler systems, doorbells, furnaces, and any other appliance intended to be powered from 24V AC.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.75 × 1.7 in
Output Voltage

24V AC

Frequency Accuracy


Voltage Accuracy

2% Regulated

Output Power


Frequencies Available

50Hz/60Hz Selectable

Remote Programmability


Output Plug

Combicon Screw Terminals


24V AC Turntables, Alarm Systems, Motors, Sprinkler Systems, Thermostats

Power Plug (this plugs into your wall)

Australia | Type I, North America | Type A, Travelers Plug Kit (Types: A,I,C,G), Type C (Europlug), UK | Type G (BS 1363)

3 reviews for 18 Watt 24 V AC Apollo Frequency Converter

  1. Miguel Aguila (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product to be used in 50-60hz in rega turntables. I bought a rega planar 3 from Europe but unfortunately it works with 220 V and 50hz. Due that I live in Mexico, we work with 110 V and 60hz, this made the turntable to play faster than it should in 33 and 45 rpm. By connecting this device and nothing else, I was able to make it work. KCC provided me cable and everything to the specifics of my turntable and I love it. Don’t hesitate to buy from them. Delivery was too fast and the attention 5 / 5 stars. Just consider customs fees, which were reasonable for me while comparing to Amazon purchases I’ve made. Quality of the device is amazing and instruction were too easy to follow.
    Keep the excellent work and quality!!!!

  2. Gui P. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product.
    It allowed me to use a Rega Planar 1 Plus from the UK in the US without a problem.
    While looking online I found different pieces of information regarding what I would need to purchase in order for the Turntable to work.
    To be clear: the Apollo Frequency Converter was all that I needed to make the UK Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable work properly here in the US.
    Also, customer service was spectacular and helped me choose the most appropriate option.

  3. Neal Y

    Athena solved my turntable motor issue following a relocation from the west to SE Asia and a frequency change of 50Hz to 60Hz – exactly as Ken from KCC predicted it would – I am delighted!!
    The customer service is awesome and it’s clear KCC really understand their product and the issues it addresses. The explanation Ken provided me was clear, easy to understand and absolutely spot on.
    Don’t hesitate to buy their products – these guys know what they are doing.
    Thanks Ken and team!

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