12 Watt Chronos Frequency Converter


The Model 1930-115V (Chronos) allows you to operate you clocks, clock radios, many turntables anywhere in the world!  Use Chronos to power:

  • Clocks
  • Flip Clocks
  • Vintage clocks
  • Clock Radios up to 12 watts
  • Turntables up to 12 watts


To power North American clocks, turntables and other devices, select Model Chronos (Supplies 115V AC).  To power European clocks, turntables and other devices, select Model Chronos 230 (Supplies 230V AC).  Frequency can be selected as needed, either 50Hz or 60Hz. Everything you need to power your device is included; eg, certified wall adapter and plug style conversion.

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Learn about Powering Flip Clocks and other plug-in electric clocks with Chronos.

Chronos will power 115V AC clocks (e.g., any electric clock of USA origin; perfect for clock radios) up to 12 watts.  Chronos 230 can power 230V AC European clocks.  Frequency can be selected as needed, either 50Hz or 60Hz. Can be powered from anywhere in the world. This unit will do all voltage, frequency, and plug conversion.  Also cures issues if you are observing mains frequency drift due to variations from time error correction.

Why do you need a Chronos frequency converter? Devices with motors that turn or vibrate are dependent on power line (mains) frequency to do their job at the right speed.  This is the difference between a clock that keeps proper time or is off by up to 10 minutes per hour, or a turntable that runs at the wrong pitch.  Chronos cures those problems!

Do you need to power a U-Turn turntable AND Pluto preamp?  Chronos is perfect for the task.  Inquire about a multi-outlet plug which we can provide.

Do you need more power? Does your device require a grounding terminal (three terminal plug)? Consider our economical new 40 Watt Athena, or our new 100 watt Thor.  If you need even more power, consider Hercules, at 200 watt output!

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5.25 × 2 in
Output Voltage

115V AC

Frequency Accuracy


Frequencies Available

50Hz/60Hz Selectable

Voltage Accuracy

2% Regulated

Output Power


Remote Programmability


Output Plug

NEMA 1-15R 115V


115V AC Turntables, Shavers, Flip Clocks, Clock Radios, Telescope Equatorial Mounts

Chronos Model

Chronos (Supplies 115V AC), Chronos 230 (Supplies 230V AC)

Power Cord (this plugs into your wall)

Australia | Type I, Israel | Type H, North America | Type B, South Africa | Type M, Type F (Schuko), UK | Type G (BS 1363)


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