Perhaps you finally received that well-deserved promotion. Congratulations! But there’s a catch—you must relocate to a different country. In the new country, the power standards may be very different from what you have today. Whether you’re moving from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with the issue of power line (mains) voltage and frequency differences. (To view frequency and voltage converters for purchase click here:)

In North America, the standard (mains) power line is 115V AC at 60Hz. Outside of North America, the standard is 230V at 50Hz. There are exceptions of course, such as Japan, where there are multiple frequency standards; e.g., there are regions of Japan operating at 50Hz and others operating at 60Hz. And, to make matters more interesting, Japan operates with 100V AC mains voltage.  And most importantly, simple plug adapters are NOT enough!

It turns out that for the most part, devices that turn or vibrate (eg, have vibrating or turning motors) may have frequency sensitivity (i.e., they will will run at the wrong speed, pitch or timekeeping). In some cases, devices with motors may malfunction or overheat if operated from the wrong frequency as well.

In general, the devices with frequency sensitivity are smaller, lower power devices. That’s where KCC Scientific converters can help! KCC converters such as Hercules have sufficient power output capability (200 watts) to handle all of your priceless personal electronic effects such as professional clippers, clocks, flip clocks, turntables, tape players, other audio equipment, as well as athletic recovery equipment. These will very likely have great sensitivity to power line frequency, which is what KCC Scientific frequency converters were designed to solve.

What about hair dryers and curling irons?

The most important thing to remember is that simple plug adapters are not enough!  If you forget this, you may quickly find that your hair is burned and that your hair dryer immediately shuts off and will not start.  Why is that?  Remember the voltage differences.  This is very important.  If you are moving from North America, your 115V AC devices can be severely damaged by the 230V AC mains power line in other countries.  If you are moving to North America, your hair dryer or curling iron simply won’t operate on the lower voltage.

For the most part, personal items that heat (like curling irons and hair dryers) can be powered using conventional transformers and voltage converters, without concern for frequency. Some may even have switches for selection of 115V or 230V AC, but some don’t.  The good news is that most brands are readily available for sale across the globe, supplied ready to go for the country in which they are purchased. And, they are not very expensive. Since your original hair dryer or curling iron take up very little space, you can store these away for when you eventually move back to your native country.

What about heavy appliances such as washing machines and refrigerator appliances?

In general, anything with an electric motor is subject to concerns regarding frequency sensitivity. In particular, refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers might be of concern, since some motors are not designed or rated for use outside their country of origin. Interestingly, we are presently working on a converter for washing machines, gas dryers, and refrigerators. It is planned to be available later this year.

Recently we tried an experiment in which we powered our washing machine with Hercules, but with a new, experimental wall adapter.  The results were so encouraging that we set out to extend our platform so that we can address a broad number of machines out there.  Our technology is rather unique because of its current mode control, which allows even a smaller converter to “muscle” its way through a difficult job.  If our 200 watt Hercules can power a much more demanding washing machine, just think about what our upcoming higher power converter will be able to do!  We are looking forward to it.

What about dishwasher appliances?

We do receive quite a few inquiries about whether or not we can power dishwashers.  Frankly, it just isn’t practical or sensible.  Most of the power that a dishwasher consumes (and is rated for) is because of the heating element for the drying cycle!  And, ironically, this heating element isn’t even frequency sensitive!  So unfortunately, no it is not generally economical to convert frequency to power a dishwasher.  It’s not just that our products would be too expensive (quite the contrary actually).  It’s just too expensive, period.  Just buy a new dishwasher.

But…you CAN take your comfort appliances anywhere!

Despite some of these challenges, KCC Scientific products can connect you to many of your comforts anywhere in the world! We find that Hercules is a favorite with folks relocating overseas. Its plentiful 200 watts can easily power your favorite items such as turntables, tape players, perhaps your entire performance audio system to assure it is being provided with clean power. If you are only worried about a favorite electric clock or flip clock, power it with Chronos and you can be confident that it will keep perfect time when you arrive in your new home.  Or, with Athena, you can power a smaller audio system (including a turntable and tape player), favorite professional hair clipper or athletic recovery device overseas as well, regardless of whether it was designed for 50Hz or 60Hz operation.

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