500 and 1000 Watt Mercury Voltage and Frequency Converter- Conditioner

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The new Mercury family powers your equipment anywhere in the world. Mercury capability includes:

  • 500 watt or 1000 watt editions
  • Special AUDIO edition
  • Perfect for industry and laboratories
  • Powers 160 watt wine coolers
  • Power conditioning by mains reconstruction
  • Convert power to/from 50-60Hz/115-230V AC
  • Clean, regulate or convert power
  • Solve global power issues for test
  • Mobile, compact and lighter weight
  • Both US and EU output power outlets

Product Description

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The Mercury voltage and frequency converter family of products is an exciting new offering with an ability to power many devices out of the reach of 200-watt Hercules.  Mercury AUDIO offering provides “Mains Reconstruction” capability but with the addition of ultra-precise frequency control and isolation.  The Mercury AUDIO features 500 watts of continuous output power with peak power levels of 1000 watts, with silent operation–perfect for audio!  Its attractive front panel is designed specifically to blend into the most elegant audio systems.  Mercury AUDIO eliminates problems with ground loops, DC offsets on the mains, voltage AND current waveform distortion, voltage drops due to electrical installations, brownouts, and much more.

The entire Mercury family offers inherent noise filtering and both voltage and frequency regulation, unavailable with any other technologies.

The standard 500-watt Mercury is the clear step forward from 200 watt-Hercules.  The 1000-watt Mercury extends output power levels for more demanding applications.  All of the Mercury family products can be used to universally convert mains frequency and voltage, or to isolate and clean up local mains power line frequency and voltage instabilities.  All Mercury-family products fall into a compact envelope of 17.5″ x 12.75″ x 3.5″ with optional rack mount available.

And, of course, all of our products are gentle and safe on the devices they power; that you can be assured of.  They are carefully engineered with top-quality components, fail-safe philosophy and are well protected.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 12.75 × 3.50 in
Output Voltage

Selectable 115V/230V AC

Frequency Accuracy


Frequencies Available

50Hz/60Hz Selectable

Voltage Accuracy

2% Regulated

Output Power

1000W, 500W

Remote Programmability


Output Plug

North America and EU-style output receptacles


Higher power or professional audio equipment, Production Test, Qualifying Designs

Mercury Edition

Mercury Audio, Standard 1000W, Standard 500W

Power Cord (this plugs into your wall)

Australia | Type I, Israel | Type H, North America | Type B, South Africa | Type M, Type F (Schuko), UK | Type G (BS 1363)

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  1. Hugh Magen (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to use. Having both frequency options, and both voltage output options, helps a lot for troubleshooting issues. The KCC team was super helpful in steering me towards the solution I needed, as my request was not standard. Their technical understanding and support was first-rate!

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