Powering electric clocks and flip clocks is where it all started for us! Our Chronos is a favorite with countless customers worldwide.  Recently we had a customer with a favorite flip clock move from the USA to Europe. After arriving in his new home, he was disappointed to learn that a transformer would not solve his problem. The transformer reduced the local mains 230V AC 50Hz voltage to 115V AC, but unfortunately transformers are not frequency changers. So, the clock ran 10 minutes slow every hour.

Our customer asked if Chronos would solve his problem. To this we responded with a resounding YES! He purchased Chronos and now his flip clock is keeping perfect time, not gaining or losing a single second in the month since he has owned it. This is typical of our Chronos customers, and has been since we first introduced Chronos as the Model 1930-115V back in 2011.

Is there any other way this problem could be solved? There exists no other way to do it. No other product on the market, regardless of price point, has the frequency accuracy and precision to keep a synchronous electric clock or flip clock on time. And we are very proud of it!