Several times over the years, customers have come to us wanting to power either vintage or otherwise unique fans. Thor seems to be the best product for this application, since it has the power output needed for most fans of this type. A few years ago, a UK-based customer bought a beautiful US-manufactured vintage fan (designed for 115V AC at 60Hz), but it would not work at 50Hz. Thor solved his problem.

More recently, a customer building a new house in Florida had purchased a gorgeous Italian-style ceiling fan (designed for 230V AC at 50Hz)  and had it shipped to the USA. Since he is an electrician, he thought it would be no problem to power the fan from 230V AC at 60Hz (which is available if you are wiring a house for a particular device).

His assumption turned out to be wrong. The fan’s speed control would not function properly, and the fan seemed to become uncomfortably warm when powered at 60Hz. We described to him our previous success with powering fans, and he decided to give it a try.

Since then, his fan was tested and works perfectly on 230V AC at 50Hz produced by his Thor plugged into a standard US household outlet. Speed control is right on, and the overheating issue has vanished.   He plans to mount the unit on a shelf in a closet adjacent to the room where his fan is installed, out of sight, to operate silently as a mini power plant for the special fan. No special wiring or voltages will be needed. We will follow up with him once everything is in place!