Success Story

Many customers have found application for our products in automated production test of products, powering specialized German electronic assembly equipment in Japan (multiple locations), functional test of universal worldwide equipment, and many others.  As an example, given that parts of Japan are 50Hz and other regions are 60Hz, it’s easy to find once the equipment arrives that a frequency conversion is needed.  KCC Scientific products resolve this discrepancy and greatly simplify equipment selection for particular regions.

As it turns out, international companies often find it necessary to move test equipment for development efforts between countries.  Some equipment is designed only for a particular geography, and therefore the frequency (and voltage) must be converted.  Operating on the incorrect frequency risks expensive damage; if not immediately, certainly over time.  Braver folks will convert voltage only and take the risk that the equipment will survive operating from the incorrect frequency.  We hear of situations where overheating, transformer saturation, and similar frequency-related problems arise, compromising the equipment’s performance and long-term reliability.  KCC Scientific products like Mercury make operating equipment anywhere in the world possible and reliable again, lowering the risk and greatly increasing confidence in the equipment’s performance.

As we continue to grow and develop exciting new technology, our philosophy remains the same:  We always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes.  That’s easy, because we have been there. That’s how we started out!  We strive to understand our customers’ issues, and find the right solution for them.  Most times, we have the problem on our shelf ready to deliver to our customers.  When we don’t, we strive to understand the problem fully, and then translate that understanding into a solution for them.  Look forward to our upcoming product announcements!