Ken Reindel , January 21, 2019

Most of us are all too familiar with the famous Ghostbusters theme phrase. In this business, things are similar. If you have a problem powering a device outside its country of origin, and you’re not sure what to do, who are you going to call?

It turns out, you can call us! We’ve fielded questions from folks with all sorts of power problems. During the holidays, we heard from a fellow in New York trying to power a Braun turntable (which requires 50Hz). For him, Thor was the answer. The first week of the New Year, a customer wanted information on how to power a U-Turn turntable in England. Our Apollo is the perfect solution.

Then, last week a customer called to inquire about how to power a clean room oven. Clearly we weren’t going to solve that one since he required 80 kilowatts (yes, that’s 80,000 watts!) but we were happy to share some perspectives on how to figure out what to do, and the name of a company that might be able to help. Obviously, we prefer to help by offering our products, but what happens when we don’t have a product that will do the job? We find some way or someone who can solve the problem.

Yet another customer inquired about powering an Italian-manufactured pellet stove in California.  Our Mercury 500 to the rescue!

These customers were thrilled that we took the time to help.

But, that’s not so unusual. As we continue to build our product line, we still want to help. And if, for now, it means we refer you to someone else that might have a product powerful enough, then that’s what we are going to do. We take pride in being the folks that you’re “gonna call” to solve your power incompatibility problem. Give us a call at 833-50260Hz (833-502-6049) and see for yourself, or drop us an email at