If you’re an audiophile, you have probably experienced it. You have fought off hum, harmonics, pops, and hiss.  Someone turns on a mixer in another room of your home and you hear high-pitched tones coming through the speakers.  While not all of these affects always come through the power line or outlets, many do.  And they’re tough to eliminate with in-line filters because these filters have a limited ability to “notch out” interferences and noise.  But what if you could completely reconstruct the power line, in such a way that the “new” power line had no relationship with the original power line?

In theory, perhaps a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) operated on batteries could help.  Unfortunately, many of these devices switch through to the power line when they are not on batteries, and you can’t power your device from batteries all of the time.  Others don’t provide any isolation whatsoever.  Worse yet, some are modified sine wave output (otherwise known as modified square wave).  And a power square wave is the last thing you want for powering an audio system!  This would make matters much worse.  If you are using a synchronous turntable, you need frequency accuracy as well.

Is there an alternative which solves these problems? KCC Scientific Hercules and Thor are super ideal as sources of clean power for audio systems.  Here’s why:

  • Hercules and Thor fully reconstruct the power line voltage, completely isolating the output from the power line, and are double-isolated from any power line noise.
  • Hercules and Thor NEVER connect the output directly to the power line.
  • Both Hercules and Thor fully regulate the output voltage and frequency–to levels better than any other method will achieve.
  • KCC Scientific products–all of them–fully isolate (galvanically) the output from everything else, including the mains power.  This assures elimination of ground loops.

We’re convinced you will find Hercules and Thor to be the ideal “clean power” source for your discriminating audio gear.  We had you in mind when we designed and constructed them!

If you’re a North America-based collector, and you have always wanted to experiment with finely-engineered European-manufactured equipment (or vice versa), you no longer have to fight the issue of power line voltage and frequency, either.  Hercules and Thor will take care of both of those issues for you.

For lower power systems under 40 watts, or for powering a particularly sensitive component of your system (such as a turntable or preamplifier), Athena might be all the clean power you ever need.

Regardless of how you look at it, one thing is for sure:  The more we “filter out” mains power line noise, the less your system has to do, and thus the better the sonic quality!