Ken Reindel July 25, 2022

All KCC Scientific frequency and voltage converters have internal power output transformers which provide a myriad of benefits.  These include:

  • Super input to output isolation for optimum noise rejection 
  • Ultra low leakage to optimize safety, even if proper grounding is lost
  • Dual output voltage capability (switchable 115/230V AC capable!)

It is important to note that not all transformers are created equal.  In several of our Mercury family products, for example, we have a “standard” transformer.  Even this “standard” transformer is higher quality than will be found in most equipment available.  They are all toroidally-wound, which improves magnetic self-shielding and quiets mechanical noise such as buzzing under load to an exceptional degree.  They are fantastic transformers!

One of the major uses for the Mercury family products is in laboratories.  Mercury offers the ability to test equipment for use globally, assuring that equipment works as it is intended once it arrives in countries where there is a voltage or frequency difference.  Given that North America is rather unique in its 115V AC/60Hz grid, that’s almost anywhere else!  In the lab, the standard Mercury family will be found to be one of the quietest (if not the quietest) equipment on the bench.  

But then, there is Mercury Audio.  The transformer used in Mercury Audio is a very specialized device.  It is designed for even lower noise levels than those found in the “standard” Mercury products.  These special transformers are wound on a unique core material which virtually eliminates hum.  They are similar to (actually somewhat better than) the transformers used in high-end audio gear today.  

The result is an ultra-quiet Mercury Audio product that is comfortable around even the best audio equipment available.  You can use Mercury Audio to power equipment designed to work in other countries, or you can use it to “clean up” mains frequency and voltage aberrations.  With its 0.0002% frequency stability and gargantuan input to output isolation, Mercury Audio far outperforms absolutely any power conditioner available.

Transformers alone do NOT provide power conditioning but can be a very significant, important component of a well-designed power conditioning process.  You might say that they are necessary but not sufficient.  Yet consider that many power conditioners HAVE NO INTERNAL TRANSFORMERS!  And virtually no other power conditioner can regulate or control mains power line frequency like the KCC Scientific product line can.  

Of course, no transformer is lossless.  That’s why KCC Scientific uses an ingenious isolated regulation scheme (Patent Pending) as well as a unique feedforward technique (also Patent Pending).  These innovations together virtually eliminate the losses that would otherwise interfere with the superb output voltage regulation achieved in all KCC voltage and frequency converters.

When you add it all up, KCC Scientific clean power converters do all this and much more.  And yes, the internal transformer is an important part of the equation!