Recently we ran across yet another super low cost so-called frequency converter (this one specifically targeted at shavers).  We found it on our favorite high-volume online “A” merchant site; you know, we’ve all bought goods there.  No one in our office ever heard of this particular manufacturer.

We bought one of those so-called frequency converters, tested it and then disassembled it.  Our testing yielded several surprises.  The frequency was 70Hz, but specified at 60Hz!  The waveform was a chopped up square wave, nothing near resembling the smooth sine wave your plug-in product was designed for.

Further, we developed a parts list and added up the parts costs, assuming fairly high volume.  We could not locate the original parts in any reputable distribution, because the manufacturers were unknown.  Second, we found that several of the parts listed were on the counterfeit list!  Ever hear of counterfeit components?  We hope that consumers never have to worry about this kind of thing; but unfortunately, it’s a big problem.

Counterfeit components are ultra low-cost, often unspecified knock-offs and in many cases untested components.  Further, and you might not realize it, these parts are internal to these import devices–and are connected to your high-energy mains power line outlet!  What if something were to go wrong?

When we added up the cost of the components based on using legitimate, fully-specified components (and  not the most expensive of them either), we found that neither we nor anyone else could build the same unit out of legitimate components for double the selling price!  What does that tell us about the economics of these low-cost import products?  Buyer beware!

So, back to the question:  What if something WERE to go wrong?  Recently, we had a customer buy our Thor because the import product he was using started on fire and damaged his bathroom vanity area!  Our customer is thrilled with Thor, as it functions day and night for him reliably and safely.  That’s what it’s designed to do, with excellent-quality internal components.

No one will ever stop unwary folks from buying these import units.  But perhaps now you understand why it’s so difficult to compete on price with these low-quality, shady import products (which lack any safety ratings–that should be no surprise).  When you consider the risks and cost of replacing the prized product you are powering (and perhaps even the risk of damage to your home), it may be a time to take a closer look at KCC Scientific’s products!