Teri Reindel December 10, 2018

We at KCC Scientific are reminded during this season how much nostalgia and comfort are brought to folks worldwide through their valued heirloom electronics. This week we shipped a Thor Frequency Converter to a gentleman in California wanting to power his early 1960’s Braun record player from Germany. Last week we shipped a Chronos Frequency Converter to a customer in England to power a beloved USA electric clock. KCC Scientific Frequency Converters enable people around the globe to reminisce of old days and of loved ones through their vintage collectables, bringing them feelings of warmth, comfort and love.

This time of year customers call, write and email thrilled to FINALLY power their valued electronics anywhere in the world. KCC Scientific LLC frequency converters power valued electronics anywhere by changing both FREQUENCY AND VOLTAGE. Select the frequency your device needs, either 50Hz or 60 Hz, then select the voltage it needs, 115V or 230 V AC, all from the front panel, and plug it in.

If you are turning back time with your international vintage electronics or pulling out grandma’s clock from across the pond, turn to www.kccscientific.com for precise, clean power frequency converters.

“KCC Scientific LLC is creating a virtual, universal worldwide power grid for devices under 200 watts.” Call 1-833-50260Hz or 1-833-502-6049

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