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  1. Athena solved my turntable motor issue following a relocation from the west to SE Asia and a frequency change of 50Hz to 60Hz – exactly as Ken from KCC predicted it would – I am delighted!!
    The customer service is awesome and it’s clear KCC really understand their product and the issues it addresses. The explanation Ken provided me was clear, easy to understand and absolutely spot on.
    Don’t hesitate to buy their products – these guys know what they are doing.
    Thanks Ken and team!

  2. Hello,
    Today I was dusting off my entertainment center (which I should have done like 2 years ago) and in the process I cleaned off my Thor 100 watt converter. While doing so I thought to myself “Man this thing is great. I’m so happy I bought this.”

    I bought it 4 years ago when moving to Vietnam and it has held strong through all the crazy power fluctuations, me accidentally putting too much load on it more than once, and the constant 90% humidity. I think it is the only thing I own that hasn’t grown mold.

    In general sometimes it is hard to buy things that last a long time like in the past and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this little box. It has kept all my old American video game systems and turntable and TV and everything else I dragged across the planet running great.

    Let your engineers and marketing people know that your hardware can survive South East Asia, which I’m telling you is no easy task.

    Hope you have a good week and keep up the great work!

    Image #1 from Warren Turner
    Image #2 from Warren Turner
  3. Bit late to review this but this is a high quality product and essential for equipment where frequency matters.

  4. Great product. Easy to use. Having both frequency options, and both voltage output options, helps a lot for troubleshooting issues. The KCC team was super helpful in steering me towards the solution I needed, as my request was not standard. Their technical understanding and support was first-rate!

  5. The Athena absolutely works. It does what you expect, and there are zero issues with it. It converts frequency and voltage, allowing use and testing of European and other devices here in the USA. Using it with my USA-spec Chord DAC, it provides a sense of calm, and stability. In that case I’m usually not even using its frequency conversion capability…. just enjoying the better power it provides. I haven’t compared A/B enough enough to list all of its benefits in this use, but it is clear that its performance and price are both remarkable. Well done.