Teri Reindel, December 10, 2018

You are the consummate professional of your trade and have relocated to another region of the world.

You are happy about the move!  But now your favorite “tools of the trade” no longer operate properly. 

This is not unusual.  With the differences in frequency and voltage standards across the globe, it’s almost inevitable.  Perhaps you own professional audio equipment, which is now operating at the wrong speed—or won’t operate at all.  Or, your professional meat cutter no longer operates, or does so at the wrong speed.   If you are a professional hair stylist, your 115V AC 60Hz clippers are at risk for damage in countries where the standard is 230V AC at 50Hz. 

Transformers and voltage-only converters are not adequate.

Power line mains frequency matters with any motorized device, and must be corrected to the needs of your equipment.  Just try operating a pair of quality hair clippers designed for 60Hz on 50Hz and you’ll see!  The cutting blade will bang up against the mechanical end stops and produce an unbearable noise.  Of course, you also need to be concerned about damage to the device as well.

We are happy to work with you to solve this power compatibility issue.  We have a full line of products tailored to your technical and budgetary needs. We’ve worked with international suppliers of equipment used in electronics assembly such as crimpers and rework equipment, who have likewise faced this power incompatibility issue, and provided them solutions to their problem.  Sure, you could replace your equipment, but quite often your valued “tools of the trade” will either be very difficult—or financially unfeasible–to replace. Or worse yet, you’d have to re-learn the “feel” of a new tool, which may never be the same.

Whether you are moving from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with this issue of power line (mains) voltage and frequency differences. In North America, the standard (mains) power line is 115V AC at 60 Hz. Outside of North America; the standard is 230V AC at 50 Hz. There are exceptions of course, such as Japan, where there are multiple frequency standards; e.g., there are regions of Japan operating at 50Hz and others operating at 60Hz. To make matters more interesting, Japan operates with 100V AC mains voltage!  Most importantly, simple plug adapters are NOT ENOUGH!

It turns out that for the most part, tools like audio turntables and tape players, clippers or food processing equipment, all have motors that turn or vibrate and require frequency precision to operate properly. Vibrating or turning motors almost always have frequency sensitivity, meaning they will run at the wrong speed or pitch, or won’t operate at all. In some cases, devices with motors may operate; but will overheat if operated with the wrong mains power line frequency. Precision makes all the difference, especially with “tools of the trade” designed specifically for a given region of the world.

That’s where KCC Scientific converters can help.  KCC Scientific converters have sufficient power output capability (up to 200 watts) to handle most of your favored electronic tools.

When your equipment requirements do not match local mains power, KCC Scientific LLC Converters align voltage, frequency and wattage requirements, assuring devices are operational anywhere in the world. For the world citizen, KCC Scientific offers trustworthy, high-precision, scientific-grade voltage and frequency converters. Like no other, KCC Scientific Converters change Voltage AND Frequency from the front panel for devices up to 200 watts. 

What makes KCC Scientific converters so special is that they provide a pure sine wave at the exact frequency needed. With this advanced technology, you can simply select voltage and frequency (115V AC or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel to suit your requirements. In addition, KCC converters function like a mini power plant to isolate and reconstruct the power coming from the local mains power source. This ingenious quality enables KCC frequency changers to produce clean power, no matter where you are on the globe.

Do you have a trade which counts on precision electric or electronic tools? Now, despite the power grid differences, you CAN take the tools of your trade ANYWHERE! 

 For more information see https://www.kccscientific.com