Ken Reindel January 19, 2020

Our new Chronos-V (the -V stands for variable) is coming and so is turntable speed control. We have shipped our first prototype to a customer who needed it to adjust out speed error in a Michell Transcriptor turntable (apparently, about a 4% error). He received the prototype device, and loves it! Here are his exact words:

“Received the unit today.  Nice job looks great and easy to setup and adjust.  Set it up right away and within a few minutes had the speed dialed in perfectly.  I have been running it for hours now without any issues.  It is stable holding the speed perfectly. Thank you so much getting this done for me. It is exactly what was needed.”

The new Chronos model will have a set-ability range of +/-4% from nominal, and will work with either 50Hz or 60Hz turntables. The potentiometer has a really great “feel” to it, and can easily be set to within 0.1%, even with the wide range. Folks with vintage turntables which perhaps have experienced some wear over the years will be able to use them anywhere in the world, and correct for the years of wear with the same device!

Otherwise, it’s the same great, stable Chronos, with output isolation and mains reconstruction, removing mains power line issues from your sonic experience for good!

We expect to be shipping units at a production level within a few months. Meanwhile, if you have a need to adjust the speed of your turntable precisely, please let us know. Maybe Chronos-V can solve your turntable speed issues as well. Visit us at