Ken Reindel, March 13, 2019

Or is your challenge powering a 60Hz turntable in a 50Hz geography?

Whether you need frequency conversion to properly operate your prized turntable, tape deck or other mains-sensitive device, it’s time for you to get off the mains power line grid!

Either way, you have probably thought about changing belts, idlers or capstans to accommodate the different mains frequency of the local geography. Customers routinely come to us with challenges around powering Braun, Thorens, Phillips, Lenco, ERA, U-Turn and other turntables outside of the geography where they were originally designed to operate.

Changing mechanical parts can have some very serious side effects. When you substitute new mechanical parts, you need to assess ahead of time whether the new parts you have found are in good condition or if for that matter they are the original, correct parts for the job. There was once a time when these parts were readily available from the manufacturers, but many of the manufacturers are no longer in business or no longer producing these components. So what do you do?

KCC Scientific LLC to the rescue! For most turntable-only frequency conversions, consider Chronos, a bellwether for this application. Small, economical and exceedingly accurate, Chronos is available in either a 115V AC or 230V AC model. Either model is switchable to output either 50.0000Hz or 60.0000Hz sinewave power.




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If you need more power (some older vintage turntables can require as much as 20 watts), then Athena is the product for you. She’s completely universal and switchable (select the voltage AND frequency you need from the front panel). Athena is still relatively compact, certainly affordable, and every bit as accurate as Chronos.

What if you don’t need frequency conversion at all?  Consider the dramatic and measurable stability improvements you’d get with the modest investment in a KCC Scientific voltage and frequency converter.  You will be completely isolated from the transients, spikes over/under voltages, frequency AND voltage drift, and DC offsets present on the mains power line today.  The grid isn’t what it used to be!  So get off the mains power line grid and instantly improve the performance of your prized audio elements!

Do you have a 24V AC turntable such as the numerous Rega and U-Turn models? Then you need to consider Apollo.  It’s time to toss those poor quality import AC mains power adapters in the trash.  Like our other converters, Apollo comes with everything you need to get the job done, improve your turntable speed, convert the local mains to the super-stable frequency you need, and stop being dependent on the ever-deteriorating mains power line grid.  

No matter what mains frequency-related turntable challenge you are facing, just say no to converting capstans, idlers and belts. Even if you do the best job possible, you will STILL be better off with our frequency converters. This is because our converters offer 0.0002% frequency stability (and thus platter speed stability), a factor of at least 100 times more accurate and stable than you will EVER get plugging your turntable directly into the mains! To learn more about mains frequency stability, check out our entry on the topic here.