What is KCC Scientific’s Hercules voltage and frequency converter, and where might you need it? The 200-Watt Hercules is KCC Scientific’s most powerful frequency converter (today). This converter is 100% universal; allowing you to set either output voltage (115V or 230V AC) or output frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel. With an output receptacle style that accommodates global standards, Hercules also accommodates the plug conversions you need for your geographic location.

But, the story doesn’t end there.

For the last few months, we have been receiving an unusual number of calls from customers requesting a converter that can power a washing machine! A typical washing machine requires on the order of 600 watts for certain functions, but most functions require less than 100 watts (filling, load balancing, agitating, etc). Wait! Hercules can deliver 200 watts. You don’t suppose that…

We accepted the challenge. We plugged our washing machine into Hercules, to see what would happen. Well, it didn’t do too badly! Because of Hercules surge power capability, we were able to power our washing machine through the majority of its cycle! It wasn’t until the last minutes of the final spin cycle that Hercules shut down, because the high spin speed pushed the continuous power requirement to just beyond Hercules capability. But what an eye opener it was to see our 200-watt Hercules muscle its way through the majority of the wash cycle on a 600-watt washing machine!

Technically, the answer to the question stated above is “no,” Hercules cannot power a washing machine. But, it might not be too long before KCC Scientific has a product that will! In the meantime, Hercules once again demonstrated its brute ability to tackle surge power challenges that would scare more expensive and larger competitive products away!