Perhaps you finally received that well-deserved promotion involving relocation, or you’ve purchased that coveted vintage audio from across the globe. In the new country, the power standards may be very different compared to where you are today. For the World Citizen, KCC Scientific offers trustworthy, high-precision, scientific-grade voltage and frequency converters. Like no other, KCC Scientific Converters change Voltage AND Frequency from the front panel for devices up to 200 watts. What makes KCC Scientific converters so special is that they provide a pure sine wave at the exact frequency needed. With this advanced technology, you can simply select voltage and frequency (115V AC or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel to suit your requirements. In addition, ingenious KCC Frequency changers can produce clean power, no matter where you are on the globe.

Whether you are moving from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with the issue of power line (mains) voltage and frequency differences. In North America, the standard (mains) power line is 115V AC at 60 Hz. Outside of North America, the standard is 230V AC at 50 Hz. There are exceptions of course, such as Japan, where there are multiple frequency standards; e.g., there are regions of Japan operating at 50Hz and others operating at 60Hz. To make matters more interesting, Japan operates with 100V AC mains voltage! And, most importantly, simple plug adapters are NOT ENOUGH!

It turns out that for the most part, devices that turn or vibrate require super precision to operate properly. Vibrating or turning motors may have frequency sensitivity, meaning they will run at the wrong speed, pitch or timekeeping. In some cases, devices with motors may malfunction or overheat if operated from the wrong frequency as well. Precision makes all the difference, especially with vintage devices designed specifically for a given region of the world.

In general, the devices with frequency sensitivity are smaller, lower power devices. That’s where KCC Scientific converters can help. KCC Scientific converters have sufficient power output capability (up to 200 watts) to handle all of your priceless personal electronic effects such as turntables, tape players or other audio equipment as well as flip clocks, clippers and athletic recovery equipment. These will very likely have great sensitivity to power line frequency, which is what KCC Scientific converters were designed to solve.

Now, despite the power grid differences, you CAN take your vintage audio, high-end audio systems and comfort devices ANYWHERE! We find Hercules is a favorite for those relocating overseas. Its plentiful 200 watts can easily power your favorites items such as turntables, tape players, tube preamplifiers, and perhaps your entire performance audio system to assure it is being provided with clean power. For smaller (up to 40 watt) audio systems, including turntables and smaller solid-state integrated vintage players, Athena will be do the job. For higher wattage systems at 100 watts, turn to our Thor converter. Never fret about your power source again. Simply select the voltage and frequency needed by your equipment and plug it in. Use the lightweight, compact and simple to use KCC Scientific converter to power your devices anywhere in the world.