When one considers a company’s quality philosophy, product quality obviously comes to mind first.

At KCC Scientific, it means much more. Yes, our products are meticulously designed and built with the best quality components to fit the tasks at hand. And, the products are hand-built and tested to assure performance. But keep in mind that the customer experience starts with the first communication. This is a major difference between KCC Scientific and other companies claiming to care about quality.

For example, if you send us an inquiry, chances are it will be thoughtfully answered within a few hours—maybe minutes, if the problem is straightforward. If you have a difficult problem, we will take the time to help you solve it. If you are unsure about terminology, specifications, or some other aspect of the problem, we will thoughtfully and carefully explain it to you so you don’t go away confused.

If you need telephone support, we can be easily reached at 833-50260Hz (833-502-6049). We do everything possible to make it easy for you to reach us and politely discuss your issue.

But does it end there? Absolutely not!

Once you receive your product, we extend our welcome by providing you with a 2-year warranty. If the product ends up being the wrong one for your need, we will do everything we can to exchange it, or find some other way to help you solve it. We aren’t happy until you are.

But even with that, the story doesn’t end. Periodically, we hear of a problem that we cannot solve. Perhaps there is a need for more power. KCC Scientific is continuously working to extend its product line capability, investing in the R&D needed to do so. Always watch for future new product announcements. Within the last few years, you’ve seen several new product announcements, already extending our reach well into applications that had no previous solutions.

Over time, customer response has demonstrated a growing fan club of satisfied users. KCC Scientific will only be satisfied as long as our customers are. To us, it’s more than a product; it’s a craft dedicated to customer satisfaction. We continue in our quest of creating a unified, standard, worldwide electrical grid, one product at a time.