What we strive to offer here at KCC Scientific is an unsurpassed combination of innovative products and support for our customers. Much has gone into making our customer service and our power conversion technology stand out from ANY power product offering, and our efforts continue daily. We strive to maintain our spirit of innovation, both in the products we create and in how we work with our customers to develop solutions for their unique challenges. New to KCC Scientific? Read on to better understand what makes us special, assuring that your experience with us will stand out in the crowd.  And remember:  it’s not only the product (which is very important, obviously) but it is our commitment to support you both in selecting products, solving your problem, and in after-sale support.

A spirit of Innovation and Technical Excellence.

Our engineers, scientists, and partners have been developing refined electronic solutions in a variety of application areas for many years. In 2011, we shipped our first voltage and frequency converter after two years of development and refinement. Since then, feedback from our customers has guided our new products and offerings to become what they are today. KCC Scientific has developed the experience, insight, and attention to detail you’ll see in each product we offer. We take great pride in continuing to develop innovative, high-precision, reliable products at an economical price.  If you were to look inside, you would see that these products are the best built and most well thought-through power products out there.

Smart, economical design.

No one wants to pay for features and capabilities they’ll never use – but sometimes you don’t seem to have a choice. Thankfully, we have approached the power conversion problem with a superior, cleaner, smarter way. We have taken the “lean” approach to our products, giving you exactly what you will need to cleanly power your device without a bewildering assortment of dials, knobs, and other unnecessary distractions. We never take shortcuts by offering square or quasi-sine wave converters. All of our products produce the smooth, clean sine wave power your device was designed to work with.

Customer service.

We strive to offer customers unsurpassed assistance and guidance. Our customers benefit greatly, and ironically so do we! Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal listening to the challenges our customers face in powering various devices, and our offerings have grown as a result.  Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We check in frequently so that we can be available to provide you a prompt answer to your inquiry, often within minutes.  We are here to support you now, 6 months from now, even 5 years out.  You won’t receive that commitment from any other power source supplier, anywhere on the planet.

Trustworthy products.

The fact remains that both voltage and frequency conversion are often needed when traveling or moving to a location with a different power grid. This is what makes our converters unique. KCC products provide clean sine wave output so your device operates as it should. Every one of our converters is powered by a fully certified universal wall adapter, so it can be used anywhere in the world. Our products are conservatively power rated and fault-protected so that both the converter and the device being powered are safe.  Intended for full-time duty, our products don’t overheat, nor do they require loud cooling fans.  All KCC Scientific products are offered with a two-year warranty.  And, we will be here to help you with your questions and challenges long after the warranty is up.

Something for everyone.

You’re sure to find what you need among our product offerings. For example, our multipurpose Athena is compact enough to act as a travel companion. If instead you’re looking for something higher power for use in a particular fixed location, consider our Professional Series. These feature attractive, instrument-grade packaging and include remote programming.  Our products are all handcrafted to assure impeccable quality.

Our 50Hz to 60Hz (or 60Hz to 50Hz) converters are the expertly designed, affordable solution you’re looking for to accurately power turntables, tape players, clocks, clock radios, flip clocks, contemporary as well as vintage audio products, shavers and clippers, fans, industrial products, and much more by supplying the exact voltage and frequency you need – worldwide. In addition, our products fit in anywhere clean power is needed. You’re quite certain to find the product you need and the service you deserve when you shop with us.